About us

Alta Pay is a company specialized in providing payment services and is always one step ahead of market trends and the needs of its users. Thanks to our network solutions, tracking the latest trends in financial services, an extensive network of 4000 representatives and an always available team of experts, we allow our customers to get more time for themselves. 

As a company with more than 10 years of experience, we learn from our users and adapt our services to the modern life dynamics, and we unconditionally share it with our partners, who can always rely on the support and experience of the Alta Pay team.

Understanding the fact that we live in an “instant” world where it’s normal to perform financial obligations on the go, we develop payment services based on speed and simplicity. Simultaneously, we believe that there are eternal values in an ever-changing environment, and our mission is to serve, strengthen and retain the loyalty of all users and partners. This is what makes us unique and that is why we are proud to say that Alta Pay is a trusted institution.

Our services

We are constantly opening new places to always be where the customers are, offering state-of-the-art payment services. Since 2008, we have created a network of over 4000 of our own branches as well as outlets of our dealers, providing customers throughout Serbia with a single location to do all of their financial transactions.

Support is priority

So, when we say we strive to be one step ahead, we are referring to our partners as well. For businesses looking to expand their customer volume and open new sources of income, we offer the opportunity to integrate a wide range of payment services into their business with the full support of an experienced partner. For our clients, this type of cooperation means:

How we developed

Foundation of the company and opening of the first Alta exchange office.
November 2016.
We are becoming the first payment institution in Serbia that offers a loan service for vehicle registration.
May 2019.
We exceed 1,000 locations where we perform payment transactions.
April 2021.
We exceed 2,000 locations where payment transactions are carried out.
December 2022.
We are becoming an electronic money institution.
July 2023.
Alta Pay Group has become
a WU partner through the
acquisition of EKI Transfers
January 2024.
April 2008.
We are expanding the field of business and becoming a payment institution.
May 2018.
Alta Pay becomes a shareholder of Jubmes Bank.
June 2019.
We are putting into production APG, a new internal software for providing modern payment services.
May 2022.
We are releasing APM, the most modern software for foreign exchange operations.
June 2023.
Alta Pay becomes the 100% owner of Alta Bank.
January 2024.
Alta Pay Group has received an official license from the Central Bank of Montenegro for the provision of payment services.

Why Alta Pay?


We offer our users the most favorable commissions, with no hidden costs, as well as 24/7 contact center support for checking exchange rates and negotiating transactions.

Speed ​​and flexibility

Bill payment, money transfer, tax refund and other payment services at Alta Pay locations eliminate waiting in line, providing flexibility of choice to users with over 4,000 locations across Serbia.

Guaranteed safety

Every transaction carried out at our payment points is subject to an advanced control system and complies with the regulations of the National Bank of Serbia.

Focus on development

We continuously invest in the development of our own technologies for electronic payment, the expansion of our professional team, training and the introduction of new services at partner locations.

Payment services are our specialty.
Reliability is our greatest value.

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Financial Institution in Serbia, authorized to grant loans to the population for registering motor vehicles
internally developed payment software and in cooperation with Alta Bank exchange program
years of experience in providing state-of-the-art payment services
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of our own locations and partner locations