Out of sight, but not out of money

Whether you are helping loved ones, sending money to friends or to a child who is studying outside of your city, Alta Fast cash service allows you to transfer money quickly, safely, and securely all over Serbia. This service is available at over 1000 locations across the country.

Money transfer in Serbia

If you want to send money in a hurry all you need is Alta Fast Cash. The process is simple. Neither you nor the person you are sending money to needs a bank account to make the transfer. The funds sent will be available to the recipient in Serbia in just a few minutes and can be withdrawn at any of our locations.

The money is sent in dinars, and the commission, which is 2% of the transaction, is paid only by the sender. The limit per transaction is 100,000 dinars.

How to send money?

1. Visit the nearest exchange office and bring a valid personal identification document from which the counter clerk will enter the data into the Alta Fast Cash System.

2. Provide the clerk with the name and surname, and the mobile phone number of the recipient, and the amount you want to send.

3. The counter clerk will hand you a certified copy of the transfer code form, which is known only to you, and you need to forward it to the recipient so that he can withdraw the money.

How to withdraw money?

1. Find a location near you using our exchange office locator.

2. Show the counter clerk a valid personal identification document and the transfer code forwarded to you by the sender, as well as his data – first and last name.

3. The clerk will check the data and pay you the full amount of money at the payment counter.

Why Alta Pay?


Our service includes a clearly defined, affordable commission that is always paid only by the sender, with no hidden additional costs.


With the possibility of sending money from 1000 locations across Serbia, you will easily find an exchange office in your area.

Speed and safety

Our service relies on an internally developed system for sending money, designed to maximize the speed of the process and make it more efficient, using proven security mechanisms.


As a leader in the Serbian payment market, we have been developing and offering clients modern payment services for over 10 years with a focus on impeccable experience, fast implementation, and support at all times.