Your loved ones may be far away, but money doesn't have to be.

Cooperating with the world leaders in international money transfers, we offer a fast, convenient, and secure service of sending and receiving money at all Alta exchange offices.

Through Western Union you can send money electronically from Serbia to more than 200 countries.

Ria Money is a fast and safe way to send money from Serbia to more than 165 countries.

MoneyGram’s international transfer service allows you to send money to over 350,000 locations worldwide.

How to send money abroad?

1. Visit the nearest Alta Pay exchange office and select the company through which you want to send money.

2. Provide your ID card and give the clerk information about the recipient.

3. If you agree to the terms of the transfer, make the deposit.

4. Inform the recipient that the money has been sent and give them the transaction number.

How to withdraw money?

1. Find a location near you using our branch locator

2. Show the cashier a valid ID and provide the transaction number given to you by the sender, his/her details, and the country from which the money was sent.

3. The cashier will verify the information and give you the money in full at no additional cost.