A reliable way from gold to money

If you want to sell your jewelry, ducats (gold coin) or other gold items, Alta exchange is the place where you can do it quickly and discreetly. Our professionally trained staff is here to inspect your items, determine purity and measure the exact amount of gold. If you agree with the redemption price, we will pay you the money in dinars on the spot.

With a reputation based on trust, we ensure that you get the best price for your items and a pleasant experience during the entire process.

Selling gold on Alta exchanges

We buy gold from individuals of legal age with proof of identity. In addition to gold jewelry, we buy broken gold, Ducat, gold coins and other products. The purchase price depends on the current value of gold on the world market, and we are constantly updating it to offer the most competitive terms to our customers. For more information about the prices as well as all kinds of questions, you can contact us.

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