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Are you running a business and thinking about selling online? Your company can increase revenues, expand operations beyond the borders of Serbia and provide customers with simple, safe and reliable online shopping with the right e-commerce solution. 

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    How does an e-commerce solution work

    Regardless of whether you run a small, medium or large business, online sales are the way to new customers for your products and services. What worries many merchants when starting an e-commerce business is the complexity of integrating different payment methods, security risks and lack of local technical support. We are here to alleviate your worries.

    The Alta Pay e-commerce solution allows you to quickly and easily integrate electronic payments into your website and drive 24/7 sales. This solution is intended for all traders, sole proprietors and legal entities registered in Serbia who want to:

    More customers with more payment options

    Online shopping with various payment options is the standard today. Our e-commerce solution allows you to offer your online customers in Serbia and abroad the possibility of secure cashless payment via Visa and Mastercard payment cards, as well as via the IPS QR code.

    Secure authentication

    The solution uses the 3-D Secure standard for authenticating online payments with Visa and Mastercard payment cards, which guarantees the highest level of security.

    Saving data from cards

    With the safe storage of the client’s card data, the system simplifies payment for each subsequent purchase.

    Automatic subscription

    Users who have a subscription to your product or service are allowed to enter their billing information once, with all subsequent payments made automatically.

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