A party that's waiting for you, rather than you waiting for it

We bet you’re looking for a time saver. We’re here to help, with a quick and easy bet deposit payment service to your online account. The affiliates we work with are Max Bet, Soccer Bet, Pinn Bet, Admiral Bet, Merkur Xtip, Mozzart Bet, Balkan Bet, Brazil Bet, Oktagon Bet and BetOle.

Visit one of our branches and make your party last, with no waiting time and no commission. This service is available in over 1000 locations across Serbia.

How to make a deposit?




Visit the nearest Alta branch and request a deposit on your account.

Provide the clerk with your account ID number, username, and the amount you want to deposit.

After the payment is made, the clerk will issue you a payment confirmation, and the funds will be on your account in no time.