It's not ok to wait in line

Whether it is a matter of regular obligations such as paying bills and making payments or you just need to send money to someone’s bank account, our network of branches is there to provide you with fast, safe, and reliable payment services – without waiting in lines.

What do you mean by payment service?

Payment of bills
Save time and pay all kinds of bills in one place, such as household, electricity, internet, and cable television, in one of our 4100 locations throughout Serbia, without wasting time and worrying about security.
Reconciling daily takings

As a reliable partner of entrepreneurs and legal entities, we allow you to make the reconciling of daily takings quickly and easily. It is not essential to enter into a contract with the Alta Pay payment institution in order to provide this service.

Administrative fees and charges

In addition to automatically generating invoices from the eGovernment portal, we provide the service of paying taxes for issuing identity cards, passports, travel documents and other services. All you need to do is bring your ID card and visit the nearest office.

Other types of payments

Tuition fees, tourist arrangements, travel, health, life, and other types of insurance can all be paid at any of our locations.

Why Alta Pay?

Always with the customers

With a network of over 4100 branches and locations of our representatives, and always growing, we offer users across Serbia easy access to payment services.

Keeping Up With technology

Following the latest financial trends and listening to the needs of our users, we develop and use modern payment systems for simple, fast, and secure transaction execution.

Flexibility in focus

Guided by the goal of pushing the boundaries on the domestic payment market, but also the boundaries between people, through innovative, practical, and secure services, we provide clients with flexibility of choice – locations, payment methods and support models. Our branches are open until late evening hours as well as on weekends, while the customer care center is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Payment methods

In addition to cash, we offer the possibility of paying services with payment cards from MasterCard system.