ALTA banka Donates New Basketball Courts to New Belgradians

Belgrade, 1 st June 2024 – Thanks to an ALTA banka donation to the Municipality of Novi Beograd, the residents of Blok 61 and Blok 62 will be able to enjoy outdoor sports in two refurbished and fully equipped basketball courts. In the presence of the Municipality’s and ALTA banka representatives, an opening ceremony was held for the two basketball courts. On this occasion, it was also announced that three more basketball courts will soon be opened in the territory of this Municipality. Being a socially responsible company, ALTA banka in this way wants to provide support and actively participate in landscaping green spaces as well as those areas in New Belgrade that are used for sports and recreation purposes. By doing so, it wants to improve the quality of life in this part of the city.

As part of this donation, professional propylene flooring was laid, and seven metal basketball backboard frames were mounted, as well as all the accompanying equipment. In the upcoming period, a total of five basketball courts will be constructed in Bloks 61, 62, 62c, and 63c, providing in this manner to all residents of these Bloks, but also to all children who attend nearby schools, new zones for sports activities. The first two courts have been opened on locations between the streets Jurija Gagarina and Evropska.

“Corporate social responsibility programs, which ALTA banka continuously develops, entail genuine commitment and enhancement in communities where we do business. With this donation to the city’s Municipality of Novi Beograd, we wanted to support and take part in landscaping green spaces and areas which are used for sports and recreation, thus contributing to an improved quality of life of our dear neighbors who reside in this part of the city”, representatives of ALTA banka at the opening ceremony noted.

President of the Municipality of Novi Beograd said that one of the Municipality’s priorities was to maintain playgrounds and sports courts, and to have them fully functioning by replacing old and worn park furniture, of which some is as many as around forty years old. Maintaining also applies to the areas where this furniture and equipment are set. Basically, from the time they were first made and set, they have never been replaced. “The Municipality of Novi Beograd has conducted a thorough analysis of all playgrounds and sports courts in New Belgrade and we will use the findings in our communication with various companies, such as ALTA banka, which as part of their social responsibility efforts will allocate a portion of their operating income for this specific purpose”, Bovan noted.

He pointed out that one of the priorities of the Municipality of Novi Beograd was to maintain playgrounds and sports courts, and to have them fully functioning and added that the Municipality itself had earmarked the amount of almost RSD 40 million for the purchase and refurbishment of new sports equipment and accessories.

“Together with ALTA banka, we have created a joint project aiming to refurbish five sports courts. But we will also extend invitations to all companies, as is the case with the ‘Green Novi Beograd‘ exercise, which is also underway, to show their social responsibility and allocate a portion of their operating income for these purposes in order for us to be able to refurbish as soon as possible as many playgrounds and sports courts as possible”, president of the Municipality said.

As a socially responsible company, ALTA banka traditionally supports young talented athletes in all sports. Accordingly, this donation is an additional step toward creating a healthy environment for our youngest population to grow in, thus making it possible for them to reach their full potential.

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