ALTA banka: Banks are the drivers of change in the field of digitalization

Washington, 21 st May 2024 – Mr. Milan Vićentić, Member of the Executive Board of ALTA Banka, was a panelist at the Digitalization, Banking Regulations and Financial Growth panel, held at the Southeast Europe Transatlantic Economic Forum, of which the venue was the United States Congress in Washington. This two-day event gathered state officials, business leaders and experts who discussed various ways of improving regional and transatlantic collaboration in the fields of energy, banking, and tourism.

As he spoke on behalf of ALTA banka of the banks’ role in digitalization and technology implementation for business growth purposes, Vićentić also presented the latest trends in the banking industry, with a particular focus on a more humane segment of AI, known as augmented intelligence, which assists humans rather than replaces them. Vićentić noted that it was evocative of a most true statement by Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition, who said on the use of AI that “On Artificial Intelligence, trust is a must, not a nice to have”. The latest research has shown that as many as 72% of managers thought their organizations would disregard the benefits of generic AI for ethical reasons, Vićentić mentioned, and added that as ever, the banks were, if not the drivers of change, then certainly among trailblazer industries to apply innovation in the field of digitalization, because of their goal to enhance customer satisfaction levels.

During the Forum, Ambassador John Craig presented to Davor Macura, PhD, President of the Board of Directors of ALTA banka and owner of Alta Pay Group, the NextGen Leader Award for his commitment to further strengthening transatlantic business relations between Serbia, the Western Balkans and the U.S.

As he was presenting the award, Ambassador Craig said that ALTA Group had rendered a strategic decision to establish strong business collaboration with companies and investment institutions in the United States.

“I believe there’s no better way to close the Southeast Europe Transatlantic Economic Forum, which has demonstrated the strength of transatlantic collaboration, than to present the appreciation plaques to the NextGen leaders, and thus wish to ALTA Group success in a new chapter and their upcoming activities in the United States”, Craig noted.

It is also worth mentioning that the President of the Board of Directors of ALTA banka and owner of Alta Pay Group, Davor Macura, PhD, participated in Washington in multiple strategic meetings with the representatives of American authorities, financial institutions and the media, including a meeting with Congressman John Moolenaar. Additionally, Alta Pay Group confirmed that it would participate in a panel discussion on how to promote and encourage the media’s responsibility and professional journalism in the era of fake news and disinformation, which global society is plagued by. The conference will be held in November at the National Press Club in Washington.