Davor Macura, PhD., and Congressman John Moolenaar discussed transatlantic business cooperation

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ALTA Bank and owner of Alta Pay Group, Davor Macura participated in a series of strategic meetings in Washington with representatives of American authorities, financial institutions and the media, including a meeting with Congressman John Moolenaar.

The meeting with Congressman Moolenaar was marked by the expression of readiness to increase the scope of cooperation between financial institutions from the Balkans and American companies. The dialogue focused on opportunities for improving technological cooperation and integration, increasing the presence of financial institutions from the Balkans in the US and vice versa, as well as the possibility of joint investments in the field of real estate and renewable energy sources. 

 “The meetings held are a continuation of our efforts to expand cooperation between our region and the US. In the coming period, we expect the specification of these agreements,” stated Davor Macura, chairman of the Alta banka’s Board of Directors.

Such initiatives pave the way for Balkan financial institutions and companies to connect more effectively with global markets and are essential for the economic development and stability of our region. Guided by Mr. Macura’s vision, Alta Pay Group is committed to building relationships that not only improve its business, but also contribute to the creation of an advanced economic environment for all market participants.