In November 2024, Alta Pay Group will participate in the discussion “Responsible Media” at the National Club of Journalists in Washington

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Alta Bank and the owner of Alta Pay Group, Davor Macura, PhD, met in Washington with Peter Roff, a journalist of the famous American weekly Newsweek.

The meeting with Mr. Roff was marked by a discussion about the importance of preserving objective and truthful journalism, with a focus on the importance of journalists and their objectivity in conveying information in light of the challenges it faces in the era of artificial intelligence, which increasingly creates information and even entire news stories. The focus was also on the need to firmly apply these principles to reporting in business news.

On this occasion, Alta Pay Group was invited by Mr. Roff to participate in a panel discussion on the promotion and encouragement of the responsibility of the media and professional journalism in the era of fake news and misinformation that affects the global society. The conference will be held in November at the National Press Club in Washington. Alta Pay Group was happy to accept this invitation.