Alta Pay Group is not giving up. We are expanding our business to Montenegro

It is our great honor and pleasure to inform you that Alta Pay Group has received an official license from the Central Bank of Montenegro for the provision of payment services.

Thus, we have acquired the prerequisites for offering adopted business principles, models and technical technological solutions, in this sphere of the financial sector, to the citizens and the economy of Montenegro.

Our presence will enable the use of a large number of payment services that will be available, in a significant number of locations, and will contribute to raising the quality of the offer on the local market, while creating conditions for more dynamic growth and development.

Alta Pay Group will unselfishly offer its development concept to users and partners in Montenegro through investments in new technologies, digitalization, knowledge and competence of team members. We see the permit received from the Central Bank of Montenegro as a chance to further prove ourselves by raising the quality of the user experience and standards.


Alta Pay Group

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