New strategic partnership between EPS and Alta Pay IEN: A new era of bill payment

Exciting news from the world of digital business and energy! 


Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) and Alta Pay IEN company have entered into a new strategic partnership that will significantly improve the way of paying electricity bills in Serbia. This strategic partnership represents a step forward in providing better and faster services. 


The main goal of this cooperation is to enable EPS users to pay their electricity bills in a simple way with e-commerce solutions. This will greatly simplify the payment process and make it available 24/7.


Alta Pay IEN, as a company that follows the latest trends in digital business, brings its rich experience and expertise to this collaboration. Our focus on speed, security and financial efficiency will ensure that EPS customers receive a superior service.


 This partnership brings a number of benefits to EPS users. Paying your electricity bill becomes faster and more efficient, and access to these services is made easier, meaning you’ll be able to manage your bills and payments wherever you are.


Thanks to the EPS and Alta Pay IEN partnership, a new, digital era in electricity bill payment has arrived.