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You can call us at any time to check the best exchange rate and agree on the transaction you want to make at one of our locations.

*Valid for amounts greater than €500 / Not valid in shopping centers

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Open new sources of income and become the No. 1 place in your environment for bill payment, currency exchange, money transfer and other services that significantly save your users time.

As an Alta Pay representative, you get the opportunity to expand the range of services and attract new customers without investment, with the support of a reliable partner.

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Naši saradnici o nama

Exchange Nada, Šabac
We are very satisfied with the results we have achieved since cooperating with Alta Pay. A professional approach is invaluable. We are sure that our cooperation will be equally successful in the future.
Miroslav Dakić
The owner
Centar Premium, Novi Pazar
Cooperation with Alta Pay exceeded our expectations. Cooperation with Alta Pay exceeded our expectations.
Dženan Ličina
The owner
Exchange Belgrade
Thanks to the technical support we get from Alta Pay, our business has overcome all obstacles. In a short period of time, we expanded the range of services and increased profits.
Marko Marjanović
The owner
Lucky Penny, Kruševac
From the very beginning of the cooperation, I got the impression that we really are a team, as if I myself had become part of the Alta Pay family.
Vasilije Krsmanović
The owner
Exchange Vule 014, Pančevo
We have been cooperating successfully for several years now. Multi-year synergy is an excellent indicator that mutual trust and effective communication bring positive results in business.
Marjan Stolevski
The owner
Exchange KUM, Beograd
The Alta Pay team is extremely dedicated and efficient. On the way to achieving common goals, we have built mutual trust and a partnership that we can rely on.
Ivan Šargić
The owner

Why AltaPay?

By providing modern payment services with the best exchange rate and comprehensive support, we help clients across the country to quickly and easily realize all their financial obligations.

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